Cold For June ft. Joshy Singer - "Distance"

2/04/2016 07:13:00 AM

Ft. Joshy Singe

The push came in sound when you chose to back
Better disguise, I'm too far away
How does it feel to know you got the best of me?
(Stand up) Imagine the life better beats wrong
When they ask you why, will you ____(?)
Knowing the guilt inside is eating you away?

Well, maybe we're just too close together
Maybe we're just too far away
Maybe it's all been gone forever
Just losing my thought, you with me
Just know that I see through your heart

(Verse 2)
When it's faulting me and it's hard to see
The light at the end of this tunnel that I've been going through
All the love in my eyes, and thought I am scared
I can't lose you again
So tell me, do you feel the...


With every moment passing by
Ask the world where you are gone
And question the God that gave me life
Where in the hell did I go wrong?
You give me back every single thing I've lost
You never tasted fake
(To look in my eyes!)
LIAR LIAR! Why do I take?!
Why Why!


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Alan Reitman - Vocal @alanforjune
Andrew Torres - Guitarra @andrewforjune
Joey Meehan - Guitarra @joeyforjune
Mike Ferraris - Baixo @mikeforjune

Banda de rock de Detroit, Michigan.

Suas performances ao vivo engajam-se em mão com talento musical e tornou a banda como uma das mais populares  em Michigan.

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