Neverstar- Lose Control

9/02/2016 10:15:00 AM

Olá amigos. Ainda continuo minha caça a novas bandas e apresento para vocês a NEVERSTAR.

It’s all so calculated
To a perfect plan
You can’t make mistakes,
Just hold it close
Don’t let it break
No matter what ti takes


I wanna lose control x3
Let go of it all x3
I wanna close my eyes
No compromise
I wanna break out,
Of this prison in me

There is no contemplating
Just follow the map
It’s just the same routine,
All over again
I’m waisting away
What’s happened to me

Neverstar - Lose ControlÉ uma banda independente fundada em 2012. Até agora só lançaram o single Lose Control.


Anthony EvansBaixo
Leigh ProutBateria
Pieter CronjeGuitarra
Vega SimsVocal

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