Projeto Alexander Koller´s SALVATOR - The Ariser

12/07/2015 06:06:00 AM

Recebi um e-mail do grande instrumentista Lanvall (da banda Edenbridge) pedindo para divulgar um projeto musical do qual ele faz parte, e aqui estou divulgando:  Alexander Koller´s SALVATOR!

SALVATOR é um projeto do compositor austríaco ALEXANDER KOLLER do gênero Motivation Metal! A canção "The Ariser" foi produzida por LANVALL, que tocou todos os instrumentos que fazem parte da composição desta música. FABIO LIONE (Angra, Rhapsdoy of Fire) é o dono da voz poderosa da canção, que foi mixada por JAN VACIK (Serious Black)!

Chained, oppressed
Misled, possessed
All we want is to live free

We are heading straight for disaster
Our sense for right or wrong is lost
A vicious circle turning faster
It seems the coin has been tossed

They keep us going round in circles
And we believe in what they tell
Someone has to turn the tables
Someone has to break this spell

Chained, oppressed, misled and possessed
All I want is to live free
The tyrants fall, justice for all
So it will be

My time is now, I am stronger and wiser
Out of the ashes I come as the Ariser
I show you how, I am your adviser
Your fears are gone, you can be the Ariser

Too many running blindly with the crowd
Who never dare to spread their wings
Stand tall, be strong and speak out loud
The sighted take more than a glimpse

Our liberty cannot be taken
No matter how hard they try
Our force is far from breaking
They are a plague passing by

Pre-chorus & Chorus

Nothing is set, there is no fate
Hear the message that we send
For making a change it is never too late
If you do not only hear but understand

Pre-chorus & chorus

And your time is now, you are stronger and wiser
Out of the ashes you come as the Ariser
You show them how, you are their adviser
Their fears are gone, they will be the Ariser

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