Bom início de semana ao som de Crestillion - Paradox

2/29/2016 10:27:00 AM

"Stick to the path"
There's no sight of time
The clocks hands, moving, past my eyes
It just goes on, it just goes on

We need to go back
I wont let go
Will there be time
To save you

I do not wish to see you fall

Let me hear
Our fraction of time is near
Lost inside
We're reaching our last seconds
Is it too late?
Rewind redo
I'm trapped in a paradox

It's a brand new world
The people look the same
But their minds are hollow
Lost in dreams
Painless sorrow
No return

It's stuck in memories
Seasons don't exist
I can't stop hiding
I need to find out

Um duo constituído por Petri Valentin e Lilo Blitz de Estocolmo, Suécia. Com um som que poderia ser melhor descrito como pop-rock misturado com música eletrônica.

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